New Research Shows Children Are Likey At Low Risk Of Catching COVID-19

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According to the recent research led by the Sweden-based Karolinska Institute’s research team suggests that children are unlikely to be the main carrier of the coronavirus pandemic. So re-opening kindergartens and schools will not transmit nor impact the coronavirus death rate in aged people. A systematic review of over 47 separate similar studies, which was published in the scientific journal, Acta Paediatrica, has suggested the same.

As the fatal coronavirus pandemic cases upsurged to around 5 million with over 300,000 deaths, many countries worldwide have mandated lockdowns to curb the spread of coronavirus infection and parallelly closed lots of social platforms such as markets, educational institutes, offices, etc. Now for re-opening, kindergartens and schools have raised questions over the role of kids in the transmission process of the pandemic. 

On 11th May 2020, Karolinska Institutet’s 2 immensely knowledgeable librarians, Carl Gornitzki and Love Strandberg through a systematic literature search, have recognized 508 scientific letters and papers from the EMBASE and MEDLINE databases. The duo has also gone through the preprint servers, namely bioRxiv and medRxiv, their they identified 192 unpublished preprints. From all 47 publications, they found that coronavirus was studied over on various factors, including the children’s role of transmitting any disease, parallelly correlating it with coronavirus transmission.   

New Research Shows Children Are Likey At Low Risk Of Catching COVID-19

Karolinska Institutet’s Medical Biostatistics and Epidemiology department Professor Jonas F Ludvigsson said, this systematic review suggested that children are not the main transmitter of the coronavirus pandemic. Children majorly have social contact with their parents and peers, instead of contact with the older people who are more likely to be at high risk of getting infected easily. It is very much possible that children can easily transmit the disease. However, the studies suggested that children are less likely to initiate the spread of the infection in a household.

An earlier study led by Professor Jonas F Ludvigsson over coronavirus impacts and transmission in children concluded that children have very little or no respiratory symptoms. Professor Jonas has also argued that no respiratory symptoms will probably lower the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Besides, it also clearly appeared that even symptomless children could have viral loads. However, data from very few studies suggested that the children generally have a lower viral load than adults. According to him, this must lower the chances of coronavirus infection transmission even further.


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