New Jersey Data Shows Drop In Suicide Rates Experts Warned It Can Hike In Coming Months

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Amid the pandemic outbreak, suicide rates have been seen decreasing in New Jersey in the first two months of the pandemic despite the widespread evidence and case of the crisis that has aggravated mental health problems.

A preliminary state data suggested that in the US, in the month of March and April, the infection has raged, and comparatively fewer people took their own lives than in 2019 and 2018. However, the mental health experts have warned that the number could show changes as the social isolation period and economic hardship grow and worry about a restored outbreak mount.

New Jersey-based a Paramus nonprofit organization, which offers behavioral health services, CarePlus, vice president, and a psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Finch has said that it is all about accumulative trauma, stress, depression, and anxiety.

New Jersey Data Shows Drop In Suicide Rates Experts Warned It Can Hike In Coming Months

According to preliminary statistics released by the Department of Health, around the US, only 42 people died by suicide i.e., comparatively less- 62 people in 2019 and 68 people in 2018 in March. Similarly, the fell in suicide have been noticed in April, 51 people this year whereas 60 people in 2019 and 49 people in 2018.  

Suicides take around 6 to 8 weeks to investigate. However, May's initial numbers suggest that it also saw a sink in deaths only 44 recorded so far, compared to 69 in 2019 and 67 in 2018.

The decline is counterintuitive in view of coronavirus's profound impact, which has changed public life in countless ways, robbing workers of their jobs, children of their schools, and killing nearly 15,700 residents. However, the NJ Advance Media interviewed the experts who have noted that suicide is avoidable, and it offered several reasons behind the uptick that has not yet clear. 

The emergency of the initial crisis as the pandemic hit hard the New Jersey, the citizens were so engaged in addressing the elements of life— how to ensure their elderly parents were safe, how to educate their children from home, how to keep managing the living— that they might have been less possibly to reside on their own psychological troubles.

Dr. Daniel Finch said that all of a sudden, the people had to spend all their time undertaking childcare, offering the basic needs. If you grant an individual a reason to live, especially in this situation, it is challenging to take care of our families in crisis, which is actually a suicide hindrance.

The rise of online healthcare and medical prescription- early in the pandemic outbreak, New Jersey weaken the restrictions to enable doctors to see patients remotely by employing online platforms. Rowan University's department of psychiatry chairperson Dr. Stephen Scheinthal said that an individual who is battling anxiety or depression can now without any restriction access the psychological help from his/her comfort without stepping out of the home. These web-based healthcare platforms have become a boon to people who might have struggled to get off their beds.

Now people are getting more care as the online platforms are more accessible to care, and he doesn't have any idea that if people are waiting long for visits, Dr. Stephen Scheinthal added.


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