Netgear Adds New Dual-Band Mesh WiFi System To Its Product Line

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California-based multinational computer networking company Netgear adds a brand new item to its product category Orbi. By introducing award-winning products since its inception in 1996, it is one of the leading providers of advanced networking technologies for homes, businesses, and services.

Netgear launched its Orbi WiFi systems in 2016. The latest item in the Orbi™ Whole Home WiFi System comes with additional features.

According to Netgear, this new Orbi Dual-Band Mesh WiFi System is a combination of one router and one or more satellites, and it can be perfectly used in a medium to large-sized home from 3,000 Sq. Ft.

Besides, it will be faster than some other WiFi systems at this price range for video streaming and gaming. 

Netgear Adds New Dual-Band Mesh WiFi System To Its Product Line

The firm is all the time best for its security features, and the new avatar also assures the cybersecurity by integrating the NETGEAR Armor™ feature.

Other major features include Circle® Smart Parental Controls to manage screen time and up to 1.2Gbps speed. But it’s not supposed to use for a lot of devices directly to the router.

The compact design makes it different from the existing Orbi WiFi systems. If all other devices are in long oval shapes, this has a boxer and much more super-cool design.

Compared to Oval Tower WiIFi, the 4.1 inches on a side and 2.7 inches tall size will be suitable for the home decor as well. 

Yet, experts say that it will not have as potential as the company's quite recent product, Orbi Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Network. But you can see a significant gap between the prices.

While the new system comes at $ 229.99, the other one is $699.99. The major reason behind it is the lack of Wi-Fi 6 capabilities.

Netgear did not miss the latest needs of users, and it has added features to control Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant.


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