Netflix Is Working On Rolling Out New Parental Control Features

Netflix has seen an exceptional financial year by gaining a large number of endorsers, trust, and timing up with the Golden Globes. The figures also show that the Netflix’s customers have started to watch shows and movies for a decent amount of time. While the digital entertainment giant aims to grow exponentially with the help of a few more exciting shows, the company is also looking to roll out new parental controls. The new set of parental controls can help the parents with setting restrictions on TV shows that not suitable for kids.

Netflix has an option for creating the viewer account for kids that is specially programmed to show only those TV shows and movies that are just for kids. But when it comes to adolescents, it gets hard to filter out TV shows that are not appropriate for the age.

The new parental control features will let parents have complete control what their kids watch on Netflix. The new features will allow the parents to block individual movies and specific shows. Until now Netflix views could restrict content with only a particular rating of maturity and by setting a numeric password. According to the Netflix’s director of Enhanced Content, Mike Hasting’s blog post, we can expect to see these updates in the next few months.

With over 100 million users spread across the world, Netflix has spent on massive amounts on creating Netflix Original TV shows. Such as, The Crown, House of Cards, Sense 8 and more that ate rated “adult” Netflix also said that it would be more prominent with the authority level of the show once the viewer plays it.

Netflix has seen making advancements in customer support and making tie-ups with instant messenger platforms. Netflix is tied up with WhatsApp in India, where it aims to send its customers direct updates and new releases on their WhatsApp messenger.

Netflix released the teaser for the new House of Cards final season, starring Robin Wright as the first female U.S. President, after Kevin Spacey’s exit from the show. Netflix cut ties with the Spacey after the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. From what it looks like, Netflix is only moving ahead with its plans for the future and making Netflix the platform for people of all age groups to watch movies and TV shows.

Source: Reuters Tech