NEC Corporation Joins Hands with KMD

NEC Corporation, which is a Minato, Tokyo, Japan-based leader in the integration of IT and network technologies, acquired by the KMD Holdings ApS, the holding company of the KMD A/S(KMD), the largest Danish IT company for the 8 Billion Danish Kroner.

With the help of this acquisition, which is expected to be closed by the end of February 2019, Advent International sold its stake in the company.

The deal will accelerate the NEC’s global safety business and expand its business domain with the utilization of its advanced biometrics and Artificial Intelligence technologies to develop the areas that include the smart transportation, digital government, and public safety. These initiatives are being implemented under the “NEC Safer Cities” program, which supports the realization of safe, secure, efficient and equal cities.

The company which is led by the Eva Berneke. KMD mainly provides the IT and software services in Denmark with the business models that generate the profits continuously on a recurring basis such as the Software as a Service offering. The company whose customer bases include both the local and state governments has a wide range of software for supporting the digitalization of Denmark and a track record of executing strategies M&A which has even broadened its service offering in the number of key verticals.

NEC will now promote the global reach of the KMD’s software by using the NEC group sales channels, which even includes the mutual sale of the software between the UK and KMD based Northgate Public Services Limited, which NEC acquired in the month of January 2018.

“Denmark and the United Kingdom are considered one of the best European role models for the implementation and demonstration of unified digital government measures in order to improve some of the more advanced administrative services and thus helps in reducing costs,” said Takashi Niino, President and CEO, NEC Corporation. “with the help of this deal and acquisition, NEC will acquire a business model that uses the platforms in the digital government domain as it also has an aims to expand business from some of the largest northern Europe to the whole of Europe and even across the globe.”

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