Nate Mitchell Ends His 7 Year Long Run With Oculus

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Nate Mitchell took to Twitter to reveal that he is finally ending the 7 year-long collaboration with Oculus since he co-founded it in the year 2012.

Since Facebook acquired Oculus for more than $3 billion, other co-founders Palmer Luckey, Brendan Iribe, Michael Antonov, and Jack McCauley had stepped down from the company at different points owing to one controversy or the other.

Iribe, the former CEO of Oculus, was the latest co-founder to exit the company last year, due to disagreements on the future of Oculus’ high-end products. 

Mitchell served as the head of product management for virtual reality. He had served the company in different roles from time to time due to the instability in the leadership team.

Mitchell had always been looked up to steady the ship in times of crisis. With his exit, the last of the co-founders of Oculus has left the firm.

Mitchell first announced his exit from the company through an internal memo that he sent to the employees. The information was first reported, following which Mithcell confirmed it on Twitter.

Oculus first investment of $250k came through Kickstarter that set the company en route to devising cutting edge VR hardware and software products.

Mitchell stated that he would be taking some time off to travel and spend time with his family. He also thanked all his employees and supporters in his quest for making VR a reality. 

Mitchell ended his note with, “To everyone here: Thank you for your passion and creativity. Thank you for believing in the impossible. Thank you for inspiring us every day. Thank you for the amazing 7 years.”

Facebook witnessed the exit of the founders of its leading products WhatsApp and Instagram last year. The resignation of the founders of its three major product acquisitions is not a good sign for the company.

While Facebook declined to make any comments on the exit of Mitchell, a spokesperson stated that Facebook would be conducting an internal and external search to find Mitchell’s replacement.


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