Now Manage Your Studio And Lessons Management Of Students Via My Music Staff

When you have a good student information system in the school, it helps the teachers and students to perform their duties to the fullest. You may now be wondering how! Well, the answer is simple. Such a system lets the student focus solely on their primary responsibility in life, that is getting lessons, and this is where My Music Staff came into the picture.

My Music Staff An Introduction

My Music Staff is a web-based music lesson and studio management tool that lets you manage unlimited students from any device at any point in time. With its easy, affordable monthly pricing, you do not have to worry about any of the rising costs whenever you add a few new students to your entire list.

Apart from its budget-friendly pricing, what makes a My Music Staff is a great companion for the music studios is its comprehensive list of features. It even allows you to schedule lesson and even sends emails or SMS reminders to teachers and students alike.

Let us have a look at some of the features of My Music Staff:

Affordable Pricing

My Music Staff costs a flat rate per month that even activates its full set of features. Because of this, even as your enrollment increases month to month your software fees stay the same. And although you have some of the additional teachers in your studio, the fee to create an account for each of them is much more minimal. Plus, this even lets them utilize all of the available and suitable tools in the solution as well.

Centralized Schedule Management

Even if you teach at different sort of locations for each and every lesson, you can be sure that My Music Staff has the tool to help you easily manage it. The web-based tool has a powerful timeline view that can even organize the schedule which is most hectic teaching. From there, you can even create new lessons, modify the time slots, or add new events like the group sessions. With this web solution, you do not have to worry about either teacher or students missing a class. This is because it automatically synchronizes changes made to the calendar across the entire organization.

Painless Financial Administration

Finances are the most thing to tackle in any of the organization. But with the help of My Music Staff, you can automate several related tasks so that you can focus much more on the lessons instead. The cloud program has a much more flexible billing feature that lets you send invoices according to your calendar on a monthly, weekly, or annual basis. You can even send out the bills bi-weekly or even custom semester. More than that, you can provide an auto payment option to your clients. This even lets you store their credit card or bank account information securely so that you can receive payment from them automatically. The solution even takes care of the data entry for this, thus letting you save more time.

Transparent Branding

A strong online presence can help you to gain more students. That is something the creators of the My Music Staff understand, which is why they have included a website and a blog management suite as well with the solution. This even lets you customize your online front and student portal with your logos and colors for the consistent user experience. Moreover, your music studio website and blog also have the social sharing options that help to spread the word about your musical and teaching talents.


To Sum Up

Overall, My Music Staff offers great features to be included in your management toolkit. It is a highly recommended tool for those who want to manage the lessons, and students simultaneously at just one place.

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