A New Research Suggests Mutation Makes Coronavirus More Infectious

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A new study suggests that the novel coronavirus has mutated in a way that gives the virus 4 to 5 times more spikes, and these spikes make the viruses comparatively more stable to infect human cells easily. Scientists were studying and worried about this mutation for the past several weeks, and now their doubt is clear- as the viruses are more infectious. 

Florida-based Scripps Research Institute researchers said that the mutations effectively affect the spike protein i.e., a structure surrounded the virus that works to enter into the cells. The scientist called the mutation as D614G. However, this also explains why the US and Latin America have a high number of positive corona cases.

As per an American conservative cable television news, Fox News, there is a new study that is going under review now. Till now, the fundings suggested that the mutation allows the virus about 4 to 5 more spikes, making it easier to infect human cells. 

A New Research Suggests Mutation Makes Coronavirus More Infectious

Scripps Research Institute virologist and senior author Hyeryun Choe, who study the cell culture system, said that viruses with this type of mutation were comparatively more infectious than the virus without the mutation. 

Hyeryun Choe continued, the data gathered and generated till now is very clear that the virus becomes much more stable with this mutation. The novel coronavirus has obtained a crown-like appearance from the spikes that connect onto ACE2, a target cell receptors.

Scripps Research Department of Immunology and Microbiology's recent study co-author and co-chairman Dr. Michael Farzan stated that the mutation makes the spike's 'backbone' more flexible. This enables new viral particles to travel from producer cells to target cells with a lower tendency to fall apart prematurely. 

In a report, the scientists wrote that the SARS-CoV-2 alteration that flows in the earliest regional outbreaks lacked the D614G mutation, now infecting in various parts of the world. However, they stated that the reason is still unknown whether this mutation affects more the severity of the COVID-19 mortality rate or the infection.

Besides, the scientist further recommends that more research is required to confirm the findings and also to determine whether the mutation has changed the pandemic's course.


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