PM Narendra Modi Launches 3 High-Volume COVID-19 Test Labs

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On a video conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 3 high throughput COVID-19 testing facilities. The new hi-tech testing facilities will elevate the testing capacity by around 10,000 per day tests. 

The testing facilities are located at the National Institutes of Indian Council of Medical Research, at Mumbai, Kolkata, and Noida. PM Modi also mentioned that a majority of tests would help in early detection and treatment to strengthen the fight against the coronavirus.

PM Modi also noted that the labs would not be limited for testing COVID-19, but it will also be able to test HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Dengue, and several other diseases in the future. He also emphasized that because of the government's timely decision, comparatively, India is at better placed than many other countries in terms of deaths due to COVID-19. Alongside this, India's recovery rate is also higher than any other countries as well as the digit is regularly improving.

PM Narendra Modi Launches 3 High-Volume COVID-19 Test Labs

The Prime Minister said that total number of COVID-19 recovered patient has reached to 10 lakh. He added that it was very important for the country to develop corona specific health infrastructure at a rapid speed.

Mr. Modi also mentioned that the Centre had announced a 15 thousand crore package at the starting of this health menace. He said that the country presently has over 11 thousand COVID-19 facilities and above 11 lakh isolation beds.

Speaking on the testing facilities, Mr. Modi said, in January, Indian had only one COVID-19 testing center. He also emphasized that in very small duration, Indian has developed nearly 1,300 such labs.

PM Modi said that currently, over 5 lakh tests are being conducted in India daily, and additional efforts are underway to raise the test capacity to 10 lakh in the coming weeks.

India has become the second-largest PPE kit manufacturer. The country has thrived from not having even a single PPE kit manufacturer, 6 months ago, to having over 1200 manufacturers presently, he added. Also, it highlighted that India was earlier dependent on imports of N-95 masks, and now more than 3 lakh N-95 masks are produced daily in India.

PM Modi also highlighted that yearly ventilators' production capacity in India had become 3 lakh and a significant increase in medical oxygen cylinders production. This development has majorly helped save lives and converted India from being an importer of these products to becoming an exporter, he added. 

In an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus in rural areas, PM Modi mentioned a need to develop advanced health infrastructure and boost the existing health infrastructure facilities in the villages.


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