Mobileye Looking To Deploy Fully Autonomous Cars In 4 Years

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At the time of presentation at CES in Las Vegas, Mobileye, which is autonomous car development company, acquired by the Intel for $15.3 Billion in the month of March 2017, accounted a collaboration with the UK National mapping agency Ordnance Survey. The purpose of this partnership was to commercialize the high precision location information.

Mobileye said that a million cars are giving the mapping data back to the company cloud platform, as well as 20000 aftermarket units. Moreover, Mobileye has increased the number of people working on the data science the Intel acquisition.

The company used to have around 780 employees, but now that number is at about 1400 in Israel alone. The company as of now is actually expanding into the Jerusalem with the new building that will hold around 2500 employees, and it is also building the offices for the hundreds of engineers on other sites as well.

Mobileye plans to introduce Israel's first autonomous ride-hailing service, with the Champion Motors and Volkswagen, early next year. Champion Motors will run the fleet, and Volkswagen will supply the cars. Mobileye will provide the driving system, and the Israel government will share the traffic and infrastructure information.

The service will be going to be introduced in phases, starting with a small area of about 11 square kilometers in Tel Aviv. By the end of 2022, the company wants to have a few dozen cars on the road traveling unrestricted. Mobileye wants to expand to all of Israel by the end of 2023. If all the things go well, then the company plans to start the driverless tests in China and the United States. The company has signed the deal with the Volvo, BMW, Hyundai and some others to join Mobileye technology with the commercial cars.

Mobileye equipped cars to have shown the adaptively at the time of attempting challenges road maneuvers. They can even handle the unprotected left turns, lane changes in the speed bumps, heavy traffic, side passes, and narrow lanes

The biggest challenge which is faced by the company is to convince the public that autonomous driving is safe. The way to do that, the company CEO said that it with the help of a partnership with the regulatory agencies.

“The goal is to get cars to behave in a way that complies with human maneuvering,” he said. “We need to build a coalition around it.”


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