Mobileum Inc Acquires Evolved Intelligence in Undisclosed Deal

Mobileum Inc, which is a Cupertino based provider of analytics roaming and risk management solutions has now acquired Evolved Intelligence Ltd, which is a Bristol, UK based provider of fraud, roaming and security solutions to mobile phone networks and signaling providers across the globe.

The amount of the deal has not been disclosed as of now.

The Evolved Intelligence, which is led and founded by the Paul Gill, CEO has a specialization in cloud-hosted roaming value-added services as well as the analytics-based fraud management and some of the signaling security solution for the mobile teleoperators and signaling providers across the globe. It offers a multi-protocol SS7 and Diameter Signaling Firewall which is as of now currently securing the several mobile operator networks across the globe.

The Mobileum, which is founded and led by the Bobby Srinivasan, CEO, the company delivers the highly specialized analytics solutions to around more than 600 communication service providers across the globe to protect and grow existing CSP revenue streams as well as the drive new revenues with the help of a business model innovation. The company focuses more on a specific domain which includes the counter fraud, security, roaming, and data monetization and the digital transformation. Mobileum also has its offices located in Dubai, Hong Kong, Jordan, Ireland, Uruguay, Singapore, and Argentina. It has been acquired in the year 2016 by the Audax Private Equity company.

Mobileum Inc

Evolved Intelligence is having its expertise in managing and deploying the telecom solutions in the cloud with the help of a combined solution portfolio and benefit the Mobileum partners and customers.

Paul Gill, CEO of Evolved Intelligence, said, “Mobileum, with its global customer reach, is an ideal partner for Evolved Intelligence at this stage in our growth, and the partnership places us securely at the center of an exciting time in the telecoms industry. The integration between Evolved Intelligence and Mobileum also allows us to invest in the architecture for next-generation distributed networks and leverage the analytics capabilities of Mobileum to bolster our award-winning signaling firewall offering further.”

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