Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 8 launch dates; to go on sale starting September

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This is a phone everyone is waiting for, ever since Samsung announced it, after the fiasco that was the Note 7 battery fires. Samsung did tell that the new Note 8 would be launched in 2017, but there no was announcement of a specific date. And Samsung has just given us all an idea of when the phone will likely be launched.

This is a really important and tactical decision that Samsung Mobile faces this year, since the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 8 is also around the corner. If Samsung unveils the phone early, customers interest in the phone may die down, and shift to the launch of the iPhone 8. Announce the phone too late, the iPhone 8 will be hogging the limelight all over.

Samsung Mobiles DJ Koh, speaking at a meet and greet event in Taiwan, has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 will launch in late August and will go on sale in 2 waves starting September. The first wave of launch markets in September while the second wave which targets other world markets will start in October.

The announcement of the launch date in late August, coincides with the a Samsung launch event on the 23rd of August, in New York. This announcement comes in early before the iPhone 8 unveiling and could work well for Samsung. This unveiling will also give Samsung time ahead of the IFA event in Berlin, where the world’s tech press and reviewers will all gather to check out the latest consumer electronics.

Consumers on the look out for the best smartphone in the market are going to have an interesting choice, with the Note 8 and the Iphone8. Samsung does seem confident that with the Note 8, they might just edge out Apple, but let’s wait and see what happens.

What about Apple’s iPhone 8?

Reports are flying around that the iPhone 8 might hit stores only in October, as opposed to September. This could be a cause of worry for Apple, with the iPhone 8 being it’s flagship 10th anniversary iPhone. Reports going around say that Apple’s iPhone team is having problems with some of new features on the iPhone. There are rumors that the phones may ship with some of the features disabled, until a future update fixes all of them. All we can do is wait and see what happens.

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