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Samsung “accidentally” reveals the new Galaxy Note 8; tweets teaser picture

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched really soon, but that didn’t stop Samsung from revealing a teaser of the phone. Samsung tweeted through their official Twitter account, a promotion for it’s Exynos 8895 chipset which is used in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. But the phone in the picture resembled none of these flagship phones.

Instead, Samsung gave a sneak peak on a new flagship phone. The phone features an infinity display and has smaller bezels than the S8 and the S8 Plus. The smartphone matches almost exactly to all the leaks, renders, schematics and cases for the Galaxy Note 8 and also features a curved edge display expected to make a debut this year for the Note series.

The tweet caused a storm among Twitter users, but Samsung chose to stay quiet on the tweet; yet they did not remove the tweet from their feed. This “accidental” teasing could work well for Samsung ahead of the launch of the phone. Moreover the photos of the phone does not answer an important aspect of the phone; the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Whether it will be placed at the bottom of the display is still a question mark, and from previous leaks it has been seen that Samsung has not been successful with it.

Teasing a picture of the Note 8, could be a coincidence since the phone launches in one month. This tease also comes two months before the unveiling of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone. But it’s not just the iPhone 8 that Samsung needs to worry about. Google’s heavily redesigned Pixel 2 XL was in the news this week and with it’s launch too in a similar time frame, it could mean an all out war among all these flagships. Maybe dropping a hint might just work for Samsung.

More Info on the Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will most likely be unveiled on the 23rd of August. The Note 8 could have store up to 128 GB along with expandable storage. It is also said that this could Samsung’s first premium dual camera smartphone with 6 GB RAM. According to rumors, the phone could be priced at over $1000; much more than the Galaxy S8 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus.

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