Google to use AI to hide crashing Android apps in the Play Store

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According to a latest blog post. Google is now planning to use machine learning algoritms to analyse “performance data, user engagement and user rating” on the apps in the Play Store. Google will also downgrade buggy and low performing apps, to stop them for coming up in the listings.

With this, it can be assured that most of the visible apps on the Play Store will less likely crash, behave weirdly or even ask for more permissions than they should.

The search giant is already using artificial intelligence algorithms into determine the quality of an app, but is now acting upon its reports to curate the Play Store.

A few months ago, Google announce it’s “Android Excellence” program, which is in actuality an extension to what we know as “Editor’s Choice” on the Play Store .There are now several human curated categoies of apps the Googlers can tweak every now and then to bring up apps they think are good.

The only downside of the new maching learning driven alogorithm is that they might tend to act somewhat independently, wherein develeopers habe no way for knowing if their app is getting downgraded and why it’s happening.

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