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Apple is getting rid of IOS ad-blocking apps and VPNs from the App Store

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Many notable and popular VPN-based ad-blocking apps are being pulled down by Apple right now. Apple will not approve any further updates to these apps because of their non compliance with the App Store’s policy.

Apple specifically says that these apps violate point 4.2.1 of the App Store Developer Guidelines, which states that “Apps should use APIs and frameworks for their intended purposes and indicate that integration in their app description”.

Even though these rules and policies have been around for sometime, Apple was a little lenient in enforcing them, allowing a large number of these apps onto the App Sotre  and a boom in their popularity. Ever since Apple has become strict with the rules, the creators of these apps will now not be able to upload their updates to the App store, though the existing versions of these apps have not been removed.

Apple’s issue with these apps is their method of working; they work using a VPN operation- which installs certificates on the device to block unwanted apps on all iOS browsers, including third party browsers like Google Chrome and as well as Apple’s Safari. Officially the only kind of ad blocking permitted in the iOS App Store are the ones that use the official Safari Content Blocker API which, only works on Apple’s native browser, Safari. This move might seem a deliberate move by Apple to ensure the use of it’s native web browser on its iOS.

At present, all iPad and iPhone users can continue to use these apps, but since there will be no updates to these apps in the near future, they will soon be incompatible with both iOS and the browsers they are designed for.

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