Alexa is arriving on the Amazon app on Android, starting this week

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Early this year, Amazon introduced Alexa to a larger audience by making the virtual assistant a feature which could be accessed on the Amazon app. But this development – where you can ask Alexa about news, weather, and other things – was available for iPhone users only. However, this week, Alexa will be coming to Android too.

There was no formal announcement of the launch, but Amazon has confirmed the integration and is rolling out the service this week. It does seem odd for the Alexa feature to be integrated with the Amazon shopping application given that Amazon has a standalone Alexa app already.

Amazon is likely relying on it’s flagship retailer app’s massive reach to market Alexa’s capabilities to a bigger customer base, including those who don’t know what Alexa is or what she does. Given that Amazon’s app already has voice capabilities for actions like checking orders and finding products, it does make sense to simply add onto those existing commands by integrating them with Alexa’s more powerful assistant.

Currently Alexa ships on the Echo speakers and other gadgets, the app version of Alexa can perform a similar set of functions, including answering basic fact based questions about places, music, shopping and also giving news updates. It can also provide information on weather updates, traffic conditions and even play for users.

When does Alexa come to the Amazon App?

Amazon first brought Alexa to it’s shopping app in March, and this new development should soon be available on the Android app. The Alexa feature is still not live as of yet to all Android users yet. But current Echo device owners did get an early heads up on the integration by the way of the Alexa companion app. In the Alexa app, the users got a notification alerting them of a new Alexa device being added  to their accounts, which turned out to be the Amazon mobile app.

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