After Sprint & Verizon, AT&T Announces New Unlimited Data Plan Starting Today

at and t imgAfter Sprint and Verizon, AT&T announces that it has a new unlimited data plan starting today. AT&T was expected to make a move like this to keep up with the competition regarding unlimited data plans. Verizon earlier this week brought back its unlimited data plan because Sprint made changes to its current plan to lure more customers.

The AT&T’s new plan offers unlimited data, calls, and texting and also includes HD video. The plan starts at $100 for the first line, making it the most expensive among the other carriers, another $40 for additional lines, and the fourth line comes for free.

Similar to other carriers, AT&T says that the new plan has a soft cap on data, 22GB in AT&T’s case, same as Verizon, after which the customers data would be de-prioritized when the tower gets too crowded.

AT&T’s new plan does not include tethering at all, unlike Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Which is a setback for AT&T especially because it is the expensive plan off them all.
AT&T offered a unlimited data plan that costs $100 per month in the past, for the first line. However, this plan was only available to the existing DirecTV and U-verse customers. Today’s announcement said that the unlimited plan now is available for everyone.