Apple’s Next Line Of iPhones Might Come With Wireless Charging Option

open_graph_logoApple’s next line of iPhones, the next generation of iPhone 7 could possibly come with wireless charging, there have been rumors going around about it for some time now, but only now they seem to be believable as the company is officially listed under the Wireless Power Consortium’s members list. The news was first reported by 9to5Mac. Apple is the latest company to join the consortium, and a cached list from last week did not include Apple.

Only last week there was a leaked note which hinted that Apple is working on adding wireless charging to three phones which are going to be out in 2017. The tech might be very similar to Apple Watch’s wireless charging.

However, there have been other rumors that the new line of Apple phones will be able to charge from a distance, and do not require to be on a wireless charging pod.
The Wireless Power Consortium is the group behind Qi, it is the wireless charging standard that uses inductive power that transfers to charge without any wires. Companies like Samsung, Lenovo, Nokia, Asus, Canon and etc are part of the consortium.