Apple’s New Patent Grant Suggests A Bezel-Less, Translucent Phone

apple_hkThe rumors about Apple’s bezel-less iPhone could be turned into reality with an OLED screen full of holes. Apple’s patent regarding the bezel-less iPhone which was granted on Monday reports an array of OLEDs on a flexible surface, arranged with tiny gaps in between them. These gaps will be responsible for helping transmit information to a light sensor it the screen which lies under the camera. They could also be responsible for enabling speakers; notification alerts or a second screen under the first one.

These gaps can be used to create a window through which users can see directly through the phone to another object. The screen will then project the information onto the real world.

These patents do not necessarily mean that the company is working on something exciting, they are full of details covering up all the possible bases. So we don’t know for sure if Apple is going to build a phone with a screen inside a screen. In the past, the company patented for a display that would wrap the phone, which was unlikely to happen.

apples-patentAnyway, the screen inside a screen kind of display could solve simple problems like the placement of the front camera, the camera can go right under the glass, something which is possible do with a translucent OLED screens. The same applies for microphones, speakers, any other elements that clutter up the bezels.

This isn’t a brand new concept; Samsung is also supposedly also building an “all-screen” phone. Apple had an older patent which talks about the possibility of placing a fingerprint sensor on iPhone screen directly. Hence, this patent does not prove anything except that the possibility of getting rid of bezel remains on Apple’s agenda.