Millennial Moderator’s Brilliant Content Marketing Ideas

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Being a passionate musician and a Washington University graduate in Technology Innovation Management, Aleksey Weyamn always thrilled to introduce his extraordinary ideas to the world. His zest for bringing ideas in the light made him a keen and dedicated student.

Millennial Moderator is the upshot of his hard work and learning. The online publication that finds and shares informative bits of knowledge, Millennia Moderator founded by Aleksey has reached 3000 users and $500 revenue per month within six months. The journey of MM as a successful online publication platform has several lessons for young content marketing enthusiasts. 

Millennial Moderator: A Hobby Product Turned Business

The passion for building new products did not confine Aleksey to one discipline. He traveled through various spectrums. He began offering his output for Millennium Moderator out of his urge to learn website developing practically. He wanted to lead a team of writers globally to make the platform a hub for practical knowledge in the innovative world. Despite having no experience in blogging, he could build up a huge community. By the end of 2019, he aims at generating 5,000 organic visitors per month and earning $1,000 per month as revenue. 

Millennial Moderator’s Brilliant Content Marketing Ideas

MM’s Content Marketing Strategies

MM’s strategies to reach maximum readers are helpful for anyone who wishes to start a content-based website. Aleksey considers MM’s mailing list, and social media referrals are the primary tools to reach readers. The mailing list gives exclusive tips, and it could attract a lot of people.

Three Major Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the primary platforms of MM. He insists that having an account on all three platforms is vital than anything. The lively online presence by posting and commenting boosted up the growth.

Effectively Using Twitter

Despite the high engagement on Twitter, MM could not bring readers to the website. It was a trouble for readers to go to the website through the link. It happens with most of the twitter marketing. He changed the strategy and moved with Twitter cards which turn all of your URLs on Twitter into clickable images. It helped to increase Twitter referral traffic 10-fold.

The Secondary Social Media Platforms

While considering the three as primary, he pushed the content on other platforms as well. Medium, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are the other social media platforms he used, and he highly recommends if a product or service is writing-based. He also advises to push content through maximum channels and compare the output. 

Revenue Sources

Millennial Moderator is getting revenue through three mediums. Affiliate networks and banner ads are the main sources among the three. Affiliate marketing is another source, and that is different from the affiliate network. Aleksey considers AWIN as the best affiliate network for a revenue source. Affiliate marketing is reaching an agreement with other business entities to promote their products. Since a huge knowledge provider, MM receives donations too. 

Pushing ourselves for learning something is the success mantra of Aleksey, and that is the no.1 tip he gives to those who want to be entrepreneurs. As a knowledge enthusiast, he plays different roles in his career. He is an artist relations director at USC Events, created Lowsh, and the FinalAdvance, a record label managing platform.


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