Microsoft Unveils Oice For Win 10

One of the largest IT product based company Microsoft has now revealed a Windows 10 app for their Office Suite users, who frequently use the web versions of the apps. The app provides up with an experience which is much similar to what users get when they simply log into, where the links to all the web versions of all the Office apps are linked along with the faster and quicker access to the cloud-stored documents and other files as well. The app is free and works across the Office 365 subscriptions, Office 2019, Office 2016 and also for the users of the Microsoft free Office Online Service.

The User Interface of the new Office app gives a clear identical experience to what you will get from the, an only packaged to integrate seamlessly with the Windows. Apart from just the other options to launch the Web Version of the Office apps, office 365 subscribers will also going to have the option to install the Office Suite right from the application itself. Files and documents are stored locally as well also in the OneDrive and SharePoint can be easily accessed with a convenient listing on the app, by following the access to all your files easily.

Microsoft has also built in a search function that helps the documents, sites, people and locate apps according to the query. Organizations now also have the option to customize the app with their company branding and add their business apps to the interface as well.

According to the blog post on the official company website revealed that the previously available MyOffice app would soon go to be updated to the new Office app, which will also soon be rolling out on the Microsoft Store for the Windows 10 users. By the half of 2019, Windows 10 devices will be going to come with the Office app pre-installed.

According to Microsoft, more than 50 percent of the Office 365 web users start their work by visiting The official post also revealed that Microsoft is also going to release some more new features to Office365.

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