Microsoft Reveals Next-Generation Console - Xbox Series X

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Microsoft announces the name of its next-generation console Xbox as Xbox Series X in the Game Awards 2019, held in Los Angeles. The Xbox Series X looks unique and massive, unlike earlier models of the console, and it has more resemblance to PC. The price is not yet disclosed but will go on sale coming holidays. 

On the stage of the Game Awards, Microsoft has manifested a  brief trailer of its new Xbox design. It is designed for gamers to use in both vertical and horizontal orientation. It showcased Hellblade 2, the latest game from Ninja Theory for the promotion, and also mentioned that this game is developed for its latest Xbox console.

Microsoft has revealed the name, design, and the Xbox Wireless Controller. In contrast, the team has not yet disclosed the exactly discussed theories in the previous meeting. The updated controller will come with Xbox Series X, and it will be compatible with Xbox One consoles and also with Windows 10 PCs. 

Microsoft Reveals Next-Generation Console - Xbox Series X

In Xbox Series X, Microsoft will include the customized CPU design based on the architecture of AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA. For quicker loading time, it is using an NVMe SSD. Besides, Xbox Series X will also support frame rates of up to 120 fps for 8K gaming, ray tracing, and variable refresh rate support.

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer promised that Xbox Series X would deliver four times the processing power of Xbox One X most quietly and efficiently. Comparatively, eight times better GPU power than Xbox one and two times better GPU power than Xbox One X and 12 teraflops capability. He adds, it is designed massive console to accommodate a vast number of players, and also has a Share button to simply capture screenshots and game clips. 

GameSpot, the online report and review portal of the video game, has also shared that the Xbox Series X is almost as wide as Xbox One controller and three times taller as well. Besides, Microsoft is claiming Xbox Series X will be the “fastest” and “most powerful,”


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