Microsoft Launches Its New Cloud Service Azure Dedicated Host

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The tech giant Microsoft officially announced the preview launch of its new cloud service Azure Dedicated Host that enables its customers to run their operations on isolated servers. The users do not have to share their resources and data on the server with other users.

The company claims that its latest addition will increase data integrity and enable the customers with full control over their operations. The server is compatible with Windows, Linux, and SQL Servers. Microsoft has stated that the price would be fixed per host, independent of the number of machines operated over the server.

The service allows the users to postpone the server maintenance operations and apply them at their convenient time with a maintenance window of 35 days. Ziv Rafalovich, Principal Project Manager for Azure Compute, wrote in a blog post,

“During this self-maintenance window, you can apply maintenance to your hosts at your convenience, thus gaining full control over the sequence and velocity of the maintenance process.”

Azure had previously launched isolated Virtual Machines which are expected to be eclipsed by the new dedicated hosts owing to their flexibility. Azure Dedicated Hosts are in line AWS Dedicated Hosts and Google Cloud’s Sole Tenant Nodes that have similar features. However, Azure has added a few extra management options to give the cloud service an edge over its rivals. 

Cloudborne, the vulnerability that came into the limelight last February, was exploited by hackers to compromise the data in cloud storage has been a persistent problem. With its dedicated host, Azure has provided protection from this threat. This service also enables companies in heavily regulated industries such as finance and healthcare, comply with the cybersecurity regulations. 

According to a report published by Gartner Inc., AWS ranks first in the list of companies offering infrastructure as a service closely followed by Azure with a 15.5% market share. The introduction of Azure Dedicated Hosts is expected to significantly boost the growth of Azure and increase its market share.


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