Microsoft Building Browser to Replace Edge

Microsoft is working on a new browser, which has been codenamed as Anaheim, and this will going to be based on Chromium, the rendering engine used by the rival Google Chrome Browser, according to the report which has been revealed. Microsoft had launched the Edge Web Browser back in the year 2015 for the Windows 10, which was just like a replacement to the Internet Explorer and used its own rendering engine called the EdgeHTML.

But it looks like that Microsoft is now going to reveal one new browser to take on Google Chrome, which remains ahead in the aspects of both the usage and popularity. According to the report which has been revealed, the new browser will be going to be powered and supported by the Chromium and the reason is that Edge has struggled to gain the complete traction.

The report also reveals that this Anaheim browser will “replace Edge as the default browser on the platform.” Some another report says that the new Chromium-based browser for the Microsoft will be announced as early as next week though some of the reports expect it to roll out in the first half of 2019.

The report, adds that inside Microsoft there is “a growing frustration” because of “Edge’s web compatibility issues.” It also notes that “businesses and consumers have been pushing the company to improve things,” and that’s the reason why a new browser is coming up.

It is interesting to see that the Microsoft abandon Edge in favor of a browser, which will be based on Chrome rendering engine. Microsoft regularly pushed Edge in favor of Chrome when one simply tries to download Google Browser on the Windows 10 platform. Microsoft ads argue that Edge is much faster, consumes less battery life as compared to the Google Chrome.

However, the browser has failed to stop the dominance of Chrome.  As some of the reports points out that with a Chromium-based browser, one should expect less instability and websites will behave exactly as they do on Chrome.

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