Microsoft Headquarters in Minecraft World

Around four years ago, Microsft closed its $2.5 Billion acquisition deal of Mojang, developer of the video game Minecraft. It was the Satya Nadella’s the first multi-billion dollar deal since taking over as a CEO in the year 2014.

In the year 2017, Microsft enlisted Blockworks, which is a company which uses Minecraft’s digital building blocks for the designing real-world projects to create a miniature rendering of the campus facelift, which is merely scheduled for completion by the end of 2022. They are using the graphics which are far more immersive than the two-dimensional videos and photos.

Microsft corporate headquarters occupies around 500 acres of land and houses which is more than the 100 buildings. Apart from just setting up an entirely new campus just like the Apple, Facebook and Amazon in expanding in the two areas, the software company is also updating its existing once, tearing down old buildings and erecting the new ones, while also adding the soccer and cricket fields and room for the retail business as well.

“When you build in Minecraft, you build everything in the perspective of the player, constantly being aware of the sense of scale,” said James Delaney, a managing director at Blockworks, which says on its website that it uses Minecraft “to create experiences, communities and learning environments.”

It’s only natural that a kid was involved in the idea of using Minecraft to miniaturize the new campus.

Microsoft brought the architecture firm Gensler, along with the Andrew Yang, a project manager to work with the natural staff which includes the Peter Zetterberg of the Microsoft Studios and the Amy Steveson, Microsoft Archives Manager, who provided pieces of the history about the campus landmarks. They got approval from Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s executive vice president for gaming, to use Minecraft for the project, Yang said.

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