Microsoft Aims at Carbon Negative by 2030 To Fight Climate Change

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The latest news of tackling climate change is coming from Microsoft as it pledges ‘Carbon negative by 2030’. The company has announced it seeks to remove carbon emission by 2030 and to remove the carbon it has emitted to the atmosphere, since it was founded in 1975, by 2050. 

In a conference held on Thursday, Microsoft President Brad Smith, Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood, and CEO Satya Nadella jointly presented its aggressive program for carbon negativity by 2030. 

“We will fund this in part by expanding our internal carbon fee, in place since 2012 and increased last year, to start charging not only our direct emissions but those from our supply and value chains,” Microsoft said in a blogpost. 

Microsoft Aims at Carbon Negative by 2030 To Fight Climate Change

To materialize this pledge, Microsoft would invest the efforts by expanding its internal carbon fee, a tax for the company's business groups for their carbon release. It has been working on the carbon fee on various ways of carbon emission for a few years, such as direct emissions, electricity use and air travel, and so on. 

Even though Microsoft claims it is ‘carbon neutral’ since 2012, the firm itself now believes that it has to bring more strategies and programs to fight climate change. Microsoft is not the only big company that has adopted carbon neutrality, but Google and Apple have also committed to it. Amazon is also bringing programs targeting 2040.

Microsoft will fund $1 billion named "climate innovation fund" in the coming four years. The fund will help to develop the technology to fuel the program. “We deeply understand this is just a fraction of what is needed to solve this problem,” said Amy Hood.

At the same time, Microsoft co-founder and ex-CEO, Bill Gates, has also been developing several programs to tackle climate change. He has initiated green energy and next-generation nuclear energy programs.


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