Microsoft Acquires jClarity To Optimize Java Apps In Azure

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The tech giant Microsoft has pretty much got its hands on everything. Now to further increase its long list of services, the company is acquiring jClarity, a machine learning-powered analytics platform to tune the performance of Java applications.

Mircosoft revealed the acquisition on the morning of 19 August through its blog post. However, the details and terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed yet by either party. 

“At Microsoft, we strongly believe that we can do more for our customers by working alongside the Java community,” John Montgomery, VP of program management for developer tools and services stated in the blog post.

The news comes on the back of increased use of java installations on Azure as well as in their big-time client platforms Adobe, Daimler, and Societe Generale.

Microsoft Acquires jClarity

Montgomery added that jClarity team comprised of Java champions and data scientist with proven work expertise in data-driven Java Virtual Machine (JVM) optimizations would help the teams at Microsoft to leverage advancements in the java platform.

Microsoft has been a part of the AdoptOpenJDK project run by jClarity to build binaries of OpenJDK for platforms like LINUX and Windows.

The latest product of the project was a Java installer for Microsoft’s popular Visual Studio Code lightweight code editor.

Former CEO of jClarity Martijn Verburg will join Microsoft as a Java principal engineering group manager. In his own words, “With the passion and deep expertise of Microsoft’s people, we will be able to support the Java ecosystem better than ever before.”

He expressed his gratitude towards his employees, customers, and the community that had supported them over the years. The team will contact their customers in the upcoming weeks to offer suggestions on product and support matters.

jClarity will now be working to improve the performance of java workloads in Microsoft Azure’s platform. The strategic acquisition is touted to streamline the services of the Azure cloud computing platform and increase its clientele network.


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