Startup In Review: Metricool | Analyze, Manage Social Media Activity

Metricool is a tool which will allow the user to analyze, measure and manage the success of all the digital content. It provides all that things which a user need for their social media strategy in one place: blog content, metrics, web analytics and a planning tool for the social network account like the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also gives the user the possibility of studying the competition.

With the help of Metricool, the user will be up to date with what is going on with the website. The user will also be able to monitor the website or blog to learn how the content is actually performing on the social media networks and Google.

Moreover, Metricool helps a user to analyze the website in detail without needing to be an expert at web analysis. A user can simply monitor Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

Community Management

Monitor the growth of the social networks automatically. Follow the evolution of the community. Find out which people or brands can help to keep a conversation going and grow with them.

Content Management

You can analyze all data and metrics for your social networks with this easy and intuitive tool. You can gather stats about your content such as link clicks, interactions or impressions received on each post. With Metricool you can measure the evolution of:

  • Followers: How many you win or lose.
  • Posts: With a ranking with the main ones.
  • Interactions.

Blog and Web Analytics

Metricool provides user will all the information about the website or blog. Visitor, number of times that the article was shared or the most visited pages. A user can also find out the countries from where the user visited the blog and the traffic sources.

Google Analytics and some of the other similar tools can offer the same data. Moreover, they are more complicated to use and don’t offer all the metrics in just one place. Metricool makes web analytics simple for all the types of public.

Content planner for your social network accounts Organize the publications visually with the Metricool content planning tool.

With the help of Metricool:

  • User can schedule your content every week.
  • Add any types of images, GIFs, videos or emoticons.
  • User can choose the best time to post on social networks. The time is customized by considering your specific audience.