Metaboards Raises $5Million For Wireless Charging Technology

Metaboards is an Oxford metamaterials-based startup that raised $5 Million in a funding round led by science equity investors, Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI). It involved participation from Woodford Investment Management Limited, and RT Capital Management Incorporation.

The startup is based on developing new technology for wireless charging. The funds attained will be invested in the continued expansion of the startup firm, putting forth its patented state-of-the-art metamaterials-based wireless charging technology in the market.

Metaboards was founded by published researchers and professors from the University of Oxford back in 2016, to apply the usage of metamaterials in bringing about a solution to compensate for the shortcomings of the technology prevalent today and to possibly build a better equipped and accessible wireless charging technology. The prime advantages that can be made possible by this technology are we won't be in need of multiple plug points to charge multiple devices at a time, and the requirement of alignment between the device and the charger is no more a concern.

Metamaterials are new kinds of materials constituted with compound materials from plastics to metals that are arranged in a form of a geometric structure. They possess properties that are not found in nature. The most ultimate example could be an invisible cloak device. Metamaterials are an interesting aspect of industrial research that has a wide range of many real applications. Metaboards finds wireless charging to be surely one of them.

Nedko Ivanov, the CEO of Metaboards, who formerly led Redux, an audio and haptics firm, which recently was obtained by Google in 2017, says: The Metaboards startup already has a functioning preliminary version of our talked about device which we plan to put forth for a demo at the upcoming CES and Mobile World Congress. There is also an on-going discussions with numerous OEMs regarding the various innovative ways to bring the products into the technology-infused market.

Metaboards’ technology makes charging games consoles, computers, controllers, and tablets, and any given non-metallic electronic device possible on the same surface at the same time.

It is estimated by Grand View Research that by 2022 the market of wireless charging will be at a worth of $22.25 billion.

Source: Techcrunch, Source of the image: Pinterest