US-Based Mayo Clinic Says Convalescent Plasma Is Safe and Promising To Deal with COVID-19

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As per the researchers, US-based Mayo Clinic is experimenting with convalescent plasma to treat people who are suffering from COVID-19.  

American anesthesiologist and physiologist, Dr. Michael Joyner said that the results of using the plasma program are positive and looking promising.

Till now, more than 33,000 people recovered from corona have donated plasma antibodies, which is useful for the sick patient to deal with the virus. So far, around 24,000 people have received convalescent plasma therapy.

As per the reports, more than 20,000 people have been hospitalized and went through plasma therapy from April 3 to June 11 all over in the USA. All the patients who are in the clinic are from diverse populations such as 35% Hispanic, 20% African American, and 5% Asian.

According to convalescent plasma results, less than 1% of patients who have gone through therapy are getting serious side effects.

US-Based Mayo Clinic Says Convalescent Plasma Is Safe and Promising To Deal with COVID-19

Dr. Joyner said that it is one of the great news that not many patients are getting side effects, which means now even the sickest prison can also get plasma therapy without worrying much. The report shows that the 7-day mortality rate has been decreasing every single day since April. 

Dr. Joyner further added, we are giving plasma therapy to less sick patients, which is true however we are thinking to use it smartly. The main thing is to give therapy to patients before getting any prolonged or extreme illness.

The probability of mortality rate is pretty good as patients who received the plasma treatment have a “low” mortality rate compared to the patients who did not receive.

Dr. Joyner is seeing very interesting case studies of patients who got plasma therapy and making the treatment available for people with limited options. We are still thinking about the next steps and how plasma can help people to recover from COVID-19 until we get some drugs or vaccines.


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