Zuckerberg Confirms Change in Facebook Algorithm

In 2017, Facebook made some of the changes to its News Feed in a bid to tackle the spread of the fake news and misinformation on its platform. It changed its algorithm to prioritize posts from the friends and family on its platform. And now the social media giant is making some of the major changes to the platform algorithm. And the goal this time, as the company co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has described that it is going to reduce the visibility of what he describes as the “borderline content.”

While the Mark Zuckerberg did also talk about the host of things which is ranging from community standards to enable transparency the crux of the matter was buried under a subhead which talked about discouraging borderline content.

“One of the biggest issues social networks face is that, when left unchecked, people will engage disproportionately with more sensationalist and provocative content. This is not a new phenomenon… People consistently tell us these types of content make our services worse — even though they engage with them,” Zuckerberg said. To put it simply, people engage more with sensational content even if they report it.

By removing the accounts generating this type of sensational information. “We train AI systems to detect borderline content so we can distribute that content less…As I mentioned above, the most effective way to stop the spread of misinformation is to remove the fake accounts that generate it. The next most effective strategy is reducing its distribution and virality,” he added.

This means that going forward, Facebook users across the worldwide will going to witness less of the provocative and sensational content in their news feed. This will happen even if the sensational posts don’t violate the company community guidelines.

Additionally, the company would also be ramping up its AI to address algorithmic biases, which in effect would ensure that its systems don't distinguish in ways that treat people unfairly.

“I believe these efforts on the underlying incentives in our systems are some of the most important work we're doing across the company,” Zuckerberg wrote.

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