Mammoth Media Introduces Branch Narrative Storytelling Feature

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Mammoth Media announced the launch of its new branch narrative storytelling feature in its flagship product Yarn mobile app. Yarn is a fiction storytelling app that delivers the stories in a text message format.

At different points in the story, the reader can choose from a list of choices on how the story would progress forward. Based on the choice, the story will take a different direction, which enables the story to have multiple alternate endings. As part of the revenue model, the readers will have to pay to make a choice in the form of virtual currency, gems.

Founded in 2015 by Benoit Vatere and Matthew Turner, Mammoth Media is an entertainment platform that hosts a long list of apps and services to deliver short-form fictional content to a global audience.

While the readers can use its apps for free, the company also offers a subscription model that gives the readers full access to the app. 

Mammoth Media Fiction Storytelling App

“It’s not only being able to have a different branch in the story, but being able to play as a different character lead. Instead of being the male character, would they like to be the female character and really see a different perspective?,” quoted Vatere, who is also the CEO of the company.

He stated that while certain choices can be taken without spending gems, the more critical choices that change the direction of the story drastically would involve the reader to spend gems. 

The media company had recently raised $13 million in its Series A funding round at the beginning of this year. The round was led by Greylock Partners, witnessing participation from Science Inc.

Greylock’s Josh Elman, who joined the Mammoth board stated that more companies would replicate the model to bridge technology and entertainment.

Mammoth has planned to start its new initiative with four stories, each revolving in a different genre. While subscription accounts for the major revenue of the company, the startup also generates revenue from sponsorship.


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