Magic Leap Acquires Mesh Computing Startup Computes In Overnight Deal

Magic Leap today has announced they are acquiring Computes, which is a decentralized mesh computing startup. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

From Magic Leap’s blog post: At the time of starting, Chris Matthieu and Jade Meskill started Computes, Inc. based on the principle of enabling the next generation of computing. We believe Magic Leap is the perfect home to achieve this vision

Why would Magic Leap want to get their hands on this company as well? Well, it’s no secret that building a “digital layer” on top of the real world is more than a little compute-heavy; mesh computing offers an attractive future for leveraging the power of grouped systems to push resources to the devices that need it most.

The company’s website does a not-so-great job of explaining what exactly they do, but here’s a blip from one of the company’s whitepapers:

The Lattice protocol allows authorized computers to self-organize into a mesh computer, limited only by the number and power of the members. Lattice will intelligently allocate work to the best members of the mesh, based on the requirements of the task.

This is an intriguing thought for AR headset frameworks, where inevitably the greater part of them might be in reserve all things considered and could hypothetically push their register capacity to another framework. Maybe more probable is offsite PCs with meaty internals offering the headsets a punch. On the far less hot side, this could likewise simply be a play for the startup to penetrate down a portion of its backend administrations.

In case you're as yet inquisitive about what they do and are occupied with some much more somewhat questionable clarifying, look at this video from Computes' CEO, which just gently takes after a video from the Dharma Initiative.

About Magic Leap:

Magic Leap is a proprietary wearable technology that enables users to interact with digital devices in a completely visually cinematic way. Magic Leap is an Augmented Reality US-based startup that is innovating in the AR space to create new hardware and software that will give its users a never-before-seen AR experience and redefine how we access screens and visualize data.

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