Lyft Inc. Acquires Blue Vision Ltd. In $72M Deal

Lyft Inc., today in a report has announced that they have acquired a newly Augmented reality startup which is called as Blue Vision Ltd to boost up its autonomous driving roadmap.

The deal has been valued at $72 Million according to the report. For much more reference, Blue Vision as of now has raised $14.5 Million in funding.

This London based startup has developed a cloud platform which will enable the developers to build multi-player elements into their AR apps. At the heart of the solution is an engine which uses the footage from the users’ mobile cameras to create a multipurpose map of both the indoor and outdoor locations. Blue Vision also claims that the algorithms under the hood which can also use the data to pinpoint some of the specific objects position more accurately which is more using the GPS technology.

Lyft will harness this technology to create the road maps for its burgeoning fleet of the self-driving cars. The company Vice President, Luc Vincent of the autonomous technology, also suggested that the plan is to crowdsource mapping data from the smartphones which will Lyft the driver's place on their dashboards.

“One of the reasons why Blue Vision Labs’ technology is so cutting-edge is that it can crowdsource highly detailed 3-D maps of entire cities using just car-mounted camera phones,” Vincent explained in a blog post. “These maps allow a car to understand exactly where it is, what’s around it, and what to do next, with centimeter-level accuracy.”

“For example, we are keen to explore how we can leverage Blue Vision Labs’ stack to more precisely pinpoint drivers’ and riders’ locations, and create new augmented reality interfaces that make transportation simpler and better for everyone,” Vincent wrote. “Looking for your Lyft driver on the street? What if you could hold up your phone and find them instantly.”

At the time of the deal, the ride-hailing service provider also revealed that a new self-driving car prototype which is based on the Ford Fusion Sedan.