The Teamwork Behind The Success Of Indan Startup IoTfy

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Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT, is going to be a multi-trillion dollar market by 2020. However, it is not surprising news for many, as it has been skyrocketing in recent years. Many big international giant companies are experimenting IoT. Yet, the hard work for lifting a small IoT company deserves loud applause. Here are four serial entrepreneurs moving forward with a small startup that not aiming to compete with giants but making significant visibility in the Indian industry with their startup named IoTfy

A Weekend Project Has Infinite Possibilities

The idea to develop IoT as a business was not the sole intention, says one of the four Arpit Chhabra. The basic building stone of IoTfy is a weekend project started in December 2014. The founders used to meet on weekends to discuss computer programming. As a result, they planned to build a Wordpress-like platform for IoT to make useful in all sectors. Gradually, the team launched IoTfy in 2017.

The Teamwork Behind The Success Of Indan Startup IoTfy

Immensely Tech-Experienced Founders

The four co-founders Arpit Chhabra, Sushant Taneja, Shashank Saxena, and Shivam Dikshit hold rich experience in tech-related fields. All share a common feature: entrepreneurship. Arpit has initiated four companies Sagacious Research, Sparrow Devices, Ad Box and Mishtag. Prior to these four, he built two platforms that are not existing now. IoT is not something new for Arpit since Ad Box is already an IoT platform. 

Sushant has a long experience in working with the world’s reputed companies. He worked as a senior software engineer at Snapdeal, product and technical lead at StoreMonk, and co-founder of Ekayan Software Ltd. 

Shashank Saxana, the third pillar of IoTfy, also holds a prosperous working experience in different sectors. He worked as a mentor and director of the digital and eCommerce technology branch. He is a co-founder of VNDLY inc.  

Shivam Dikshit, the youngest among the four, holds an MBA degree in Human Resource management. He has worked with prestigious companies, and he is a founding member of PeerHack, Bootstrap and Hack4India. 

Have A Definite Idea About The Market

The growth of IoTfy clearly signifies that knowing the nook and corner of an industry/market is pretty pivotal and the four co-founders were right on the track in perceiving the good and bad of the industry. 

Two Common Ways Not To Be Followed

According to the team, raising the startup was knowing two problems most of the IoT companies with the channels. The channel solutions from China lack security and privacy. Secondly, building channels from scratches. It is accompanied by multiple vendors and results in poor solutions. Knowing the two issues, IoTfy introduces ready-to-use IoTapplience design. The design can be implemented in less than a week. 

The Indian IoT Market

Unlike many other companies, instead of focusing on in the industrial IoT, the four serial entrepreneurs targeted the appliances IoT. The growing need of appliances solutions made their decision perfect. Now, the totally bootstrapped startup providing chip to cloud appliances IoT solutions for over 12 product lines. The technology clubbed with artificial intelligence accelerates the growth of IoTfy.

Keep Exploring, Keep Innovating

The key element that led to the success of IoTfy is the four individuals who love to keep experimenting. It led them to make their own firms and improving their knowledge in a specific area. When such bright souls join, success is a synonym.


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