Loomi.ai – Train Your Personal AI Assistant In Minutes

Loomi.ai, which is the first in-house built Artificial Intelligence platform that helps business professionals users to organize their connected world with the help of intelligent based AI assistants.

The main for the launching of the Loomi.ai is that as people are busy and are overwhelmed with information and we all know that time is limited for all.

Loomi.ai is an Artificial Intelligence platform which solves information overload with the customizable Artificial Intelligence assistant which help the professionals to connect users, organize, validate and process information and do the respective tasks.

The company is building a product by providing an ability for the users to connect most of their private networks so that their Artificial Intelligence assistant can learn and able to provide a fully customized experience. The company uses the AI to connect and validate the information and machine learning to provide the intelligence.

The company goes beyond the simple query based assistant which tell the users what the weather will be and focus on the real pain points like the information validation and inbox management.

According to the report which has been revealed the AI market assistant is expected to grow to $16Billion by the end of the year 2021 with the majority of the growth expected to be in the consumer space only. The company initially focus to target the 170 Million English speaking and socially active professional who is Business to Customer users to utilize the Artificial Intelligence Assistive technology in organizing their both the professional and personal digital world.

Loomi.ai approach is unique in that we are looking to utilize pre-existing user information available across many private networks to use as the input for the learning process for AI. Surveyed showed over 70% very positive feedback from the professional system willing to pay for the service.