How Liv Up Redefined The Online Food Delivery

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Online food delivery made this generation’s daily life time-saving and simple, but getting salubrious organic food is always challenging. The amount of junk food people eat is dangerously increasing. Yes, natural organic food is lacking in the online sector, and the same thought popped up in Victor Santos’ mind, a Brazilain Production Engineering graduate. He discussed the plan with his friend and classmate Henrique Castellani, who started Live Up, direct to consumer healthy food tech in Brazil. 

A Realization of The Food Delivery Industry

Santos recognized his weight is increasing while he was working in the financial sector in 2014. In a short time span, his weight increased 10 kg, being quite disturbed by the situation he searched for healthy and organic food items online, but couldn’t find any. He was sure it was a need of the time and discussed with Henrique. They concluded that online organic food delivery will be quite useful for everyone, and contrary to the common belief, affordable.

How Live Up Redefined The Online Food Delivery

Overcoming The Food Storing And Logistics Challenges

In 2014 the couple started cooking the business by providing fresh and healthy food in people's homes. Unfortunately, it was damn expensive to store frozen food and delivering in different cities. The solution was to have stores in every city. As the research and close look into the industrial kitchen and local fairs progressed, they found out a wonderful Italian technique for deep freezing. This technology does not burst fibers and maintain the nutritional characteristics of the product. It was in the mid-2015 the couple partners initiative developed into a trio of partners startup by calling Henrique’s brother Felipe. The first investment made by the three, and it was $200,000 to set up the business model, build a website and create a menu.

The Beginning And Funding 

The trio launched Live Up in 2016 and experimented with friends and acquaintances, and many found it is out of the normal online food delivery box. The very year, Live Up could acquire initial funds from different investors. It raised $ 700,000 in February 2016. Later in 2017, Kaszek Ventures came with a $ 1.7 million investment in Live Up. As it has grown faster than expected and became dear to millions of Brazilians, it got a $ 90 Million investment from US investment fund ThornTree Capital Partners in September 2019.

The Organic Food Culture That Everyone Should Adopt

With Live Up, many Brazilians realized that purchasing healthy organic food does not break the bank. Live Up delivers the frozen organic meal cost falls between $ 17 and $ 30. The huge line of items is appreciable. Collaborating with 20 partner families, the company makes 30 tons of organic ingredients every month. Yet, Live Up does not claim 100% products are natural, but 70% have “natural seal”

Growing With Customer Satisfaction

The whole success of the business is positive feedback from customers. A lot of mothers admit that Live Up helped them to provide nutrition filled meals to their children. The founders also take the feedback as pivotal to maintain the quality of food.

eCommerce As The Best Business Model

 According to Santos, the online business provides infinite possibilities, and the extraordinary growth of Live Up is a perfect example. With the latest investment, the founders are aiming to expand the business all over Brazil. Currently, its service is present in 30 cities in Brazil with 450 employees and 10 distribution centers. Besides, 250 thousand meals per month and 150 thousand customers.


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