LinkedIn In The Process of Introducing Auto-playing Video Ads

LinkedIn is introducing video ads as one of its sponsored content formats. The new video ads will appear as a stand-alone post in the news feed. These video ads will play automatically and the sound would be turned off initially. Abhishek Shrivastava, director LinkedIn Marketing Solution explained what changes it would bring for the advertisers to link back to their websites.

Facebook and Instagram introduced video ads years before and now LinkedIn is also entering the market. Although Linkedin is a different kind of social media platform, they wanted to keep the user experience with more of professionalism. Linkedin would be implementing the video ads in such a way that it would bring sight, sound, and motion to the marketers and users. The company would be going for B2B video ads as of now and try to analyze the numbers.

Shrivastava added that while most videos are seen as ideal for “top of the funnel” marketing, LinkedIn’s Video for Sponsored Content is designed to work “across the funnel.”

Videos ads are created to build brand awareness but they can also point directly to the advertisers' website. or even to collect sales leads and much more. Advertisers would have an option to incorporate the ad targeting and conversation tracking capabilities.

“LinkedIn says it’s been testing the format with more than 700 advertisers since October, resulting in engagement times that are nearly three times longer than those for regular Sponsored Content.”

In addition to the video ads, LinkedIn is also launching the ability for businesses to include native video on their Company Pages. LinkedIn says it will be rolling out change for company pages to all businesses over the next few weeks. Microsoft is planning to launch all those features and video ads to all of its users in coming weeks.  LinkedIn launched its mini version in 2017 across the globe. LinkedIn has been doing pretty well since Microsoft bought it in December 2016 for more than $26 billion.