LinkedIn’s Events Will Help People To Improve Physical World Events

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Being the leading social media platform for people to connect for various professional needs, LinkedIn has 650 million active users. The latest feature called Events opens a way for LinkedIn users to plan, announce and invite people to meet-ups and other get-togethers in the physical world.

Facebook’s feature for people to make the event page, mainly out-of-work world and invite people, and that is one of the windows to the concept of creating physical world event management in social media. 

LinkedIn’s Event will bring more additional features that are perfect for the professional world. The feature will be available in the English speaking countries as it launches on October 17.

Later, the firm will expand the service in non-English speaking countries. The feature is free-of-cost in the beginning. The feature will be available on its website and app. 

LinkedIn’s Events Will Help People To Improve Physical World Events

“I think there is massive whitespace for events today. People don’t have a single place to organize [work-related] offline meetups specific to an industry or a neighborhood. People want to find other people,” says the head of product for LinkedIn India Ajay Datta.  

LinkedIn Event is not an idea that came recently. LinkedIn has already made LinkedIn Events feature train last year in New York and San Francisco. It derived out of the opinions and feedback from millions of LinkedIn users. 

For LinkedIn, Events is a milestone in its journey as it is the first global feature it brings. Usually, it develops features focusing on regional requirements or a particular market.

Even though Events is free, there won’t be many specifications on it, especially event promotion and links to services to find and book out available spaces will be missing. Yet, you can announce the event and invite people. 

“Targeting is not the focus right now. Organic adoption is what we are looking for first before we look at anything else,” says Ajay Dutta.


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