Linguix Leverages AI To Enable Writers Master Their Craft

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What makes a writing tool stand out from the crowd? The question becomes harder as most of the online writing and editing tools offer similar services. At the same time, there is some super-cool software that gives similar services but through a different and more efficient mechanism. Linguix, the writing assistance, is aiming at making English writing clean and more accurate.   

Miami-based Linguix was founded by Alex Lashkov in 2018. With years of experience in journalism, he clearly knows the troubles a writer confronts. Alex is the current CEO, and at the same time, Vitaly Kukharenko holds the position of CTO. He also comes with years of experience in online business. Currently, it is a team of very talented members.

A Unique Approach In Enhancing the Writing Flow

On many websites, you can edit your content seamlessly, and you get all levels of editing. Linguix also provides similar editing facilities. But not many platforms are offering the tools to enhance the flow of your writing. 

Linguix Leverages AI To Enable Writers Master Their Craft

Interestingly, Linguix has a solution for this. It goes beyond the concept of an editing tool and provides templates for various sorts of writing. Writers have to adapt different styles according to the context. It has over 20 unique templates that can be used to build your content format quite easily. Besides, the team is continually adding new templates to make your writing style more up-to-date.

 More Than Alternative Suggestions 

Of course, all the writing and editing tools provide suggestions for our mistakes and poor choice of words and phrases. And, that is the fundamental function of every writing assistance out there.

In normal cases, you get the correct word or phrase according to context, and you can easily replace it. You may get a one-sentence explanation of the reason behind the suggestion. Here, at Linguix the suggestion you get is a bit different. It gives you a precise explanation, along with a few examples of the word in various contexts.

As you get this explanation, you become expert on the use of the particular word, and it incredibly reduces the mistakes that are prone to be repeated further. In other words, editing at Linguix itself is a better process of mastering the language. 

Backed By Huge Algorithm

Artificial intelligence can assist writers incredibly, and that’s what Linguix is proving through its AI and algorithm. The tool is backed by over 2500 AI-based correction, 9 million of most common typos, 300+ advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure. 

A Writing Tool for All

Linguix is not just targeting professionals, but all levels of writers and all types of writing. The algorithm is developed for everyone, no matter if the user is a student, professional, or a writer. 

90% of Linguix premium users claim that they could enhance the speed of their writing, and almost everyone has been experiencing considerable improvement in their writing. 

Coming to the pricing, Linguix offers way more affordable plans compared to other software. For the Annual plan, it just costs $5.6 per month.


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