Startup in Review: Lifesaver | Live Your Best Financial Life

Lifesaver has now developed a platform for the individuals of all the financial backgrounds by simply creating a customer experience which is tailored to cultivate the financial inclusion and health. The app makes discovery easy by intelligently matching users to financial products. We remove the frictions and impediments to adoption and discovery by integrating access to products with the financial education. The mobile app does not require any of the previous financial knowledge and can be used at any stage of financial health.

Set a budget

No “one weird trick” here. Once a plan has been developed, then it is a time to put it in action. Your plan is only as effective as your budget to make sure that you have checked out the necessary things in the app.

Get a Holiday Savings Account

You can simply get savings to account for much more things, believe it or not, and that too includes your shopping, holiday, vacations, back to school budgets and plenty of other options. Armed with a plan, a budget and an interest earning on the savings account, holiday spending is something which you can relax on and responsibly enjoy. If you are on the fence about a saving account, then you can check the different options in the app.

Don’t Repeat the Same Mistakes

If you don’t want yourself to be burdened by credit card debt for years then you have to commit to long-term change. Change can be subtle or drastic which is totally depending on your planning, commitment, and budgeting. You can start simply by findings ways to save whether you are young professionals, student, freelancer or an artist, there are various products from the community banks and credits unions which are specially designed for you.

Positive Reinforcement

No matter whatever steps you will decide to take, acknowledge debt may seem like just a small thing, but it is also the first step toward handling it responsibly. Debts suck as it is complicated and confusing for almost everyone. Lifesaver makes it much easier than ever before to find what is best and right for you.