LibertyX Becomes the Largest Network of Cryptocurrency ATMs

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Boston based startup LibertyX, the Bitcoin ATM that is spread throughout the US, exceeded 1000 bitcoin ATMs. It is the world’s first ATM cashier and kiosks of bitcoin. Founded by Chris Yim and Kyle Powers, LibertyX had recently made a partnership with Desert ATM, a non-bank ATM service provider.

LibertyX, crypto ATM was first introduced near the train tracks of   Boston’s busy south station on Feb 19, 2014. The first bitcoin cashier was introduced in the year 2016. Without a hardware upgrade, LibertyX was the first to enable debit card transactions on traditional and non-bank ATMs in early 2019.  The customers who have passed KYC requirements have the transaction limits of $3,000 worth of bitcoin, per day. 

LibertyX Becomes the Largest Network of Cryptocurrency ATMs

“There are not many crypto companies still around from 2014 and we are proud not only to have survived but thrived over the year. We have grown from that 1 ATM in Boston’s South Station in 2014 to thousands of retail locations nationwide today,” Jim said in a recent interview.

In the southwest, Genmega operates  Approximately half of the manual cashier services of the non-bank retail ATMs which can adapt software upgrade of crypto-transaction for LibertyX designs. This is the reason for the very first time LibertyX is uniting with Genmega machines. The latest extensions of crypto ATM are set up in AMPM, ARCO and Chevron gas stations, as well as select Family Dollar stores.  

DigitalMint, Bitcoin kiosks network expanded crypto ATM to 20 Location in Arizona and Nevada in June 2019, is one of the competitors of LibertyX.

Prior to this partnership, DesertATM gave a try to bring their own Bitcoin ATM. Recognizing that  LibertyX has its own unique way of rolling and stability of its business,  DesertATM joined hands with the LibertyX. The partnership plus the new expansion will elevate Liberty X to the next level.


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