Now Automate Your Emails And Generate More Leads Via Lemlist

Looking for an automated email marketing platform for your business? If yes, then you are the right place. Lemlist is the best email automation tool that will help you to automate your emails and much more on just a single click.

Lemlist An Introduction

Lemlist is the email automation tool that allows you to automatically generate the personalized images. Lemlist is the first automated outreach email platform with a personalized set of images.

The software allows sending the unique and unforgettable cold emails in order to build warmer relationships with prospects. Lemlist is the new way Business to Business companies acquire the new customers.

Let us have a look at some of the features of Lemlist:


With the help of just a few clicks, Lemlist allows you to personalize the emails which are unique than usual the same email again and again. Also, it is easy to set up the sequences of emails and choose to stop the campaign at the time of clicks automatically; replies opens, etc.

Personalize text

It is easy to insert the first name, last name, company name, or any other relevant information from your CSV which is called as personalization. It helps to send a message to everyone based on the reaction in a much more unique way.

Personalize images

You can use the feature and make your emails stand out from the others. There is a common and strong truth that is an image can convey a thousand words. Because of this feature, you can enhance your engagement on replies and also on the entire business. It automatically assembles the images of the company logos, website screenshots, and custom text.

Personalize videos

If you just want to take your emails outreach to a whole new level and want to build a warmer relationship, then the video is the way to go. Increase your reply rate by 4x thanks to the personalized videos.

Schedule and Track

You can easily set up the schedules to send messages and also track the messages that who has opened your email and when. It also helps you to track the clicks.


You can even track how many people have opened your emails, clicked on a link, and have even replied to your email. So, that you can simply focus only on the hottest leads.

A/B testing / Split test

At the time of launching a campaign, split testing is a key to improve your metrics. With the good design A/B testing editor you can quickly enhance and test your content and subject lines for the much better results.


To Sum Up

Overall, Lemlist offers enough features to be included in your email marketing toolkit. It is highly recommended for those who want to generate more sales and acquire more customers. Thanks for reading, let us know views in the comment below!

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