LastObject An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Single-Use Items

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The novel coronavirus pandemic is getting spread like a fire in the jungle and leaving the world under a devastating threat. Every individual is stocking the sanitizing objects such as tissues, hand sanitizers, masks, wipes, etc. for protecting themselves, whereas the ones who are now looking for these objects, returning empty hands from stores. Even though, more than 8,000,000 trees are cut for making single-use facial tissues for the US alone.

What if there would be a tissue that you can re-use? It would be a boon for the ecosystem, and the shortage of tissues would have never happened. Addressing the same problem, the 3 entrepreneurs Isabel Aagaard, Nicolas Aagaard, and Kare Frandsen founded LastObject in early 2018 as an eco-friendly platform and started manufacturing re-usable cotton swabs and tissues.

The co-founders have developed cotton swabs after knowing that almost 1.5 billion disposable cotton swabs are produced each day, which people use and discard. This leads to marine pollution. Considering this issue, the trio took up this challenge and made cotton swabs out of silicon (it is altogether made up of PLA which is biodegradable) to wash and re-use it more than 1000 times. They named it LastSwab. It comes in two types; basic for ear care and beauty for make-up purposes.

LastObject An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Single-Use Items

LastSwab has gained not only the attention of users but also the backers who funded almost $694000 to keep it in operation. Encouraged with the success of LastSwab, the founders decided to add more variety. They researched and found that single-use tissue can lead to the destruction of nearly 42 million trees daily worldwide. Although the mentioned figures are before the outbreak of corona, the number of shedding down trees would have increased by now as tissues and toilet papers were the first to run out of stock. 

The cutting of trees led to deforestation, which will ultimately cause the disturbance and destruction of wildlife habitation. Along with this, it will also lead to a shortage of food sources, global warming, and climate deterioration, which is causing the black hole to go wider. Moreover, the paper and pulp industry is the 3rd largest emitter of global warming gases. 

Re-usable tissue was a challenging task for the founders, and eventually, they came up with an organic cotton fabric that can be washed and used multiple times. Besides, they decided to make it more comfortable for face than traditional tissues.   

Besides, the normal wiping, it is best for covering the nose while sneezing and cleaning afterward. As most of the tissues, we use lead to rashes on the nose while wiping. However, LastTissues have majorly focused on usability and made it baby soft. 

LastTissues are made as a “modern handkerchief,” which saves almost 3,100 single-use tissues if even an individual accepts it. These tissues are designed in a way that can last to nearly 2,800 wipes i.e. an individual can use it till 460 wash each, and it needs very less water to wash. Even from the production point of view, LastTissues takes 3 times lesser energy, which also saves tonnes of resources worldwide. 

For safer and germ-free storage, it comes in a sleek minimal travel silicone case, which has been divided into 2 sections for hygiene one for clean tissues and others for storing the used ones. Along with the washable tissues, the case is dishwasher safe, so to keep it clean and disinfect. 

Recently, the LastObject has sold all packs of LastTissue. Although, the startup has gathered over $700,000 from its sale. Its pre-order bookings have started. It’s better to get the booking done before these re-usable tissues also go out of stock like the single-use tissues and toilet paper.


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