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If you have a website and you Want to perform cross-browser testing of your wordpress pages or posts, then LambdaTest Screenshots plugins for WordPress website is the best solutions for the same.

Now, you can use the LambdaTest WordPress plugin to take the screenshot for the wordpress pages or posts across the different set of mobile and desktop browsers right from the wordpress admin panels All screenshots will be going to be coming up on the real browsers which are running on the real operating systems on cloud-connected real machines. These screenshots will also help in quickly finding the browsers capability issues of the wordpress posts and pages which helps in making sure that your end users get similar surfing experience across the entire platforms.

There is also an option to take a screenshot to take the screenshot directly from the wordpress dashboard, be it published posts, pages or also while at the time of editing a post. On just a single click you can also take direct screenshots up to 25 different browser and operating system configuration at a time.


LambdaTest Screenshots WordPress plugin is just a small portion of the What the LamdaTest has to offer. With the help of LambdaTest users can also perform complete cross-browser testing of your website or any of web application.

Services included in the LambdaTest:

  • Access to more than 2000 different desktop and mobile browser and the Operating System combinations.
  • Automated Screenshot, Responsive testing, and Smart Visual User Interface Testing.
  • Real-time interactive testing on the browser and operating system configuration of your choice.
  • Integration with some of the various bug management tools like the Slack, Asana, GitHub, VSTS, BitBucket, and Gitlab.
  • Test locally privately or locally hosted pages for the cross-browser compatibility.


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