Korona | A Point Of Sale Software For Business Needs

Korona An Introduction

Korona is an integrated and flexible POS that you can customize according to your business needs. It transforms your checkout into something which is much more efficient, allowing your cashier to accommodate more customers in a shorter period of time. On top of that, the system even enables them to offer personalized attention to customers with some of the engaged tools.

Korona even has a real-time reporting capability which is much more beneficial to businesses with multiple locations. With the help of this feature, you know what is happening across your branches so that you can evaluate activities and change strategies on the fly. By doing so, you can also mitigate risks and increase your selling potential.

Personalized Service

For all those businesses who encounter loyal patrons regularly, it is beneficial to have customer engagement tools within reach. With these, you can offer much more personalized services and even promotions to show your appreciation of their business. Korona assists you in this regard with a wide range of hospitality features. It can store information about your repeat customers that you can also refer to for tailoring and expediting services for them.

On-access Inventory Management

Customers won't require to ask the cashier for the availability of the products. Korona makes answering all the questions such as these a painless task with its much more integrated inventory management modules. The back office team which is working continuously can employ this for adding products, descriptions and editing prices, and for even keeping track of item numbers. Because this is connected with the front office, the stock is updated as soon as the sale is completed.

Complete Employee Module

Korona integrates with the different modules which makes it a powerful system. This way, you only need one tool to meet the different needs of the business. The application demonstrates this with its suite of employee management tools. From the same sort of POS interface, you can easily assign the roles and permissions, monitor commissions and keep track of working times.

To Sum Up

Korona Cloud is a good POS solution, though it still has room for growth. Korona currently only provides a couple of direct integrations for their POS software. One of the main integrations is with bLoyal, a loyalty program, subscription service solution, and eCommerce platform.