Anti-Bot Startup Kasada Raises $7M In Series A

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Kasada, an anti-bot startup that fights against bad bots, has acquired $7 million in series A funding with the Central Intelligence Agency’s non-profitable venture arm, In-Q-Tel. As an American non-profit venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel invests in high tech companies and other intelligence agencies. 

The company fights against bots with its innovative platform that is specialized in measuring bad bots and regulates the fast, smooth and secure flow of online services.

Kasada Polyform, the primary product of Kasada, helps enterprise web applications strengthen the security and enhances customer services by providing advanced bot detection and defenses through a hassle-free process. It not only protects from bots, but gives a visual result of your website analytics including good bots, bad bots, and humans activities.

Kasada Raises $7M In Series A

Even though bots save time and energy, they are also used to steal content, hack user accounts, and overload site servers. Kasada is developed to fight malicious bots and save websites and servers. The startup creates strong Anti-bot measures by presenting bad apps with something robots can’t resist. It uses its excellence for Cryptographic challenge on websites and uses Fingerprint Technology to confirm that the user or visitor is a human.

Kasada Chief Executive, Sam Crowther said that the firm got strong support form In-Q-Tech Venture firm which proves its accuracy to expand the technology and its team. At the same time, Peter Tagua, Executive Vice President at In-Q-Tel said that he was pleased by the efforts, strategies, and work of Kasada’s team.  

Founded in 2015, Kasada has total funding of $16 million and it has offices in Australia, the US, and the UK. With 258 current employees, it is set to expand its team members, hire more engineers, and strengthen the customer base, to succeed in the growing competition in the market. Content delivery giant Cloudflare launched its own anti-bot “fight mode” feature earlier this month, and it will also make the competition tougher.


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