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Being a part of recruiter, online assessment is something that you should have heard a lot rotating in the industry from quite a long time.  Online pre-assessment tests can also be used to help firm and recruiters to identify the best person who will be the right fit for their firm. These talent assessments help predict a candidate’s their performance on the job and even retain the ability to a great level of extent. Understanding the online test meaning can help bring much more efficiency within your recruitment process and this is where comes into the picture. An Introduction is an online assessment tool which is used to hire the employees. Recruit the right people, Mix and Pick testing to test your performance. You can even invite the candidates with the one-click link and report on candidate’s performance. This tool integrates with the Facebook and LinkedIn system to prevent any of the spam or fraudulent accounts. is a cheaper and faster way to screen your candidates with the online tests from the growing library of topics.

Pick and Mix Testing

Just like any other solution on the market, you can even mix and pick the subsets of the different fields into one specialized test for your candidates.

Test Invitation

You will be able to invite the candidates with a one-click link, but still with the security that candidates will not access the test more than once.

State-of-the-Art Test Report

Tangible reporting on every single candidate, which even gives the candidate a chance to showcase a pinch of skills instead of selling himself on the pure words. This gives you a lot more basis for the judgment for an educated decision on who to proceed with.

Social Verification

Know that you are dealing with the right people, and the right people are taking your assessments. Through the latest tech integration with the LinkedIn and Facebook, the system can even block out the spam or fraudulent accounts.

Anti-Cheat Technology (ACT)

The integrated system is built in such a manner so that the candidates are unable to work around the assessment test and to ensure a clean and cheat free testing environment.

Customized branding option

It is so much important to appear professional to the new employees. With the simple 1-2-3 option, you can upload and adjust your own branding to the platform, as well as integrating the tests with the own set of a domain as well.

How much does cost?

The pricing for the starts at $49 per month. comes up with the two different plans such as the: Professional at $49 per month and Enterprise at $139 per month. also provides a free plan with the limited features.

To Sum Up, the online assessment tool is not only cost effective but also the easiest and simplest, reliable and valid way to identify top talents. And if you are ready to invest a little bit of money on online assessment tools, then you will actually be able to save even more money at the time of completing the hiring process.

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