Juul Labs Imposes Age-Verification POS Systems On Retailers

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The electronic cigarette company Juul Labs announced that it would impose a new POS age verification system on all its retailers, effective from May 2021.

The company stated that it was mandatory for all its retailers to comply with the new age verification policy. The decision has been taken in an effort to minimize counterfeit products and to prevent over-use and under-age use of its products. 

The Retail Access Control Standards program will monitor the POS at all retail stores. A valid adult ID has to be used to buy the product, and it also prevents its customers from buying more than four Juul Pod Packs. The system will automatically remove the fifth Juul Pod Pack from the customer’s cart. 

The company came under fire recently over its marketing strategy that targeted kids. Last year, the FDA inspected the company’s headquarters in San Francisco to seize documents that proved Juul marketed its products on platforms that were popular among teenagers.CEO Kevin Burns made an open apology to the parents of the kids addicted to their products.

Juul Labs Imposes Age-Verification POS Systems On Retailers

Juul looks to redeem itself and change its image among the public. The company has announced incentives to its retailers for installing the age-verification system in their stores.

Burns acknowledged that installing age-verification in POS would be costly and difficult, and the incentive program would enable in a smooth transition.

The new policy has already witnessed more than 50 retail chains, operating 40,000 outlets come on board the project, with around 7000 stores in the process of switching to the new system.

Juul has declared the deadline for installing the POS systems in May 2021, post which all Juul products will only be sold to RACS-compliant retailers.

Juul took the opportunity to also announce the expansion of its Track and Trace to nationwide. The program enables adults to track the stores that sold Juul’s products to minors by tracing the serial number in the product.

The company firmly believes the new initiatives will reduce the under-age use of Juul’s products.


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