Recruitment Being A Hectic Task, Now Automate It Via Jobsoid

Are you looking to hire new employees for your company, but not getting the enough time to sort everything? If not, then you are at right place. Jobsoid will work for you.

Jobsoid An Introduction

Jobsoid is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that helps the businesses and recruitment agencies to streamline their hiring processes.

Jobsoid provides an integrated solution that simplifies recruitment all tasks, from sourcing to hiring. The software stores all the candidate information in one place, simplifying collaboration with other departments and hiring managers. Job openings can be automatically posted to the multiple job boards and advertised on social media. Businesses can set up the branded career portals to display the job postings and offer information about their company culture to attract the top client.

Creating Job Postings

Jobsoid streamlines the process of recruitment by offering a simple layout that even captures the essential information about each job. Once you have worked out clear responsibility and expectations for the role, then you can quickly fill in the required information. The job form allows you to customize your post by adding the job industry, salary, department, required skills and experience in addition to a description of the role. You can even manually add the skills to the job postings or have the skills fetches automatically according to the description of the job.

Job Advertising

Jobsoid simplifies job posting with a “one-click” posting function that allows you to publish on multiple job boards without manually creating each listing. Over 15 job boards are offered (including Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter), allowing recruiters to manage everything in one place. The option to upgrade to Premium job boards allows you to post a listing that appears in search results and reach a wider audience.

Candidate Management

Jobsoid consolidates all the information of the candidate into the one comprehensive profile, which even includes the contact details, education, candidate resume, and the upcoming interviews. Recruiters can add the tags for the quick filtering or notify the other teams' members with the help of internal comments. Tasks can be assigned and prioritized to provide the structure and make sure that no steps are missed.

Interview Management

Scheduling the interviews can be a tedious task for busy hiring managers. Jobsoid has an integrated email and calendar to help with scheduling interviews. Users can even send one person a request for an interview at a specific time and date or set batch interviews to invite the multiple candidates to choose from the several available time slots.

Candidate Communication

Jobsoid provides an all in one system to communicate with the candidates. Emails can be sent from an individual candidate profile, which even eliminates the need for the additional email software. Jobsoid also supports with the bulk email, which even allows you to update the status of the applicants automatically.



Is Jobsoid Right for You?

Jobsoid is an applicant tracking system that helps the businesses simply the various recruitment tasks. Companies can automatically post to multiple job boards and utilize a branded career portal to attract the potential candidates.

Overall Jobsoid is a well suited to the small or medium-sized businesses that need a robust ATS to simplify their recruitment efforts. Moreover, large companies and recruitment agencies may struggle with the limited number of job posting available. Moreover, if you hire remotely and require the video interview software, Breezy may be a better option. For an in house recruiter and hiring managers that are looking for the intuitive recruitment software to improve the efficiency and hiring decisions, that is why Jobsoid is definitely something to consider.